The Seventh Wave Principle

Having a hard time finding your way in financial markets? Do you rely on a signal service, unreliable news or blind luck when it comes to predicting future market conditions?

The most important discovery in the history of markets is here. The correct way to count market waves is here.

Seventh Wave Principle is a set of empirically derived rules for interpreting patterns in the financial markets.  It's a rational system of re occurring patterns and descriptions of their structures. Seventh Wave Principle is a guide to how these structures link together to form the same patterns of the next larger scale and so on. This is the ultimate cutting edge catalogue of price patterns.

The market cycle is now fully mapped and illustrated in 54 pages and 36 brand new diagrams with simple wave labelling in Seventh Wave Principle, a complete map of the repeating sequence that rules every single wave in markets.

What's inside?

  • All classic wave patterns overlaid with new 7 wave counts
  • Classic chart patterns overlaid with ABCDE entry signals
  • New guide illustrating the typical retrace wave types
  • Waves characteristics guides to identify location within the wave cycle.
  • Triangle Termination Patterns with ABCDE entry overlays
  • Knowledge to link every move in sequence

I'm Paul Sutherland, I became top 1% most watched trader at the world’s biggest trade forum while developing the Seventh Wave Principle. I realized how to catch every swing in the markets finding every move every hour every day for months at a time. This shocked the online trading community and earned me cult status as a master trader. I broke all the rules of what people thought possible in forecasting and documented it all at the forum for 8 years. I've been studying charts for ten years isolating wave groups, plotting sequences and realized I had discovered my own version of 'The Wave Principle,' from the ground up, and now I'm proud to present it to you. I'm going to teach you my cutting edge techniques and give you the benefit of 10 years of research and the revelations. I hope you'll love the Seventh Wave principle as much as I do. I hope you add these invaluable lessons to your trading arsenal. I know the Seventh Wave Principle will provide you with many profitable opportunities for the future.

Paul Sutherland (Suthmo)

Seventh Wave Principle fully illustrates the fractal pattern that forms the markets cycle. You'll see how waves link together in sequence through a matrix of sevens. Do you want to become a consistently successful trader? Look no further as wave principle is the only game in town.

With Seventh Wave Principle you can grow your understanding of recent price movements as they apply to larger market trends. Other market tools fail often. Tools such as market oscillators and moving averages are lagging indicators, they have their strong points but overall they fail to alert traders to the full picture. These indicators are not as useful in identifying price targets as well as the Wave Principle. Technical analysis can identify lots of trading opportunities but the Seventh Wave Principle can discern which ones have a higher probability of success. Seventh Wave Principle will help you identify where to safely enter and exit trades and where to put protective stops.

Seventh Wave Principle has:

  • Built in rules to show you how to stay safe during real time trading
  • Provides you with targets
  • Gives you specific places at which trade has failed
  • Provides safe places to put protective stops
  • Gain total understanding to market trends and conditions.

The Seventh Wave Principle provides you with a framework. The Seventh Wave Principle is the market cycle and explains the two distinctive halves of the cycle; Impulse waves and corrective waves and shows how they link together in sequence. You'll learn about alternation between the two types of waves and how to identify location within overall trend based on this sequence. The correct execution of this framework of principles provides a person with a valuable set of rules for interpreting future price action and insight into future conditions within a given market. The Seventh Wave Principle offers a solid valuable foothold for a wide range of businesses and industry. Correct implication and interpretation of patterns within the framework allow calculated safe steps within the market industry. Get your copy today, learn it now before the competition does.

The new science of trading

Discover the fully connected Seventh Wave Principle, a completely connected version of 'The Wave Principle.'

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